People Need Home Security Systems

Americans are increasingly equipping their homes with home security systems. Burglary is one of the most common crimes against property, and victims experience a real sense of violation when they learn of a burglary.

About 20% of homes in America have security systems, but this is expected to increase over the next five years. In fact, experts predict that the number of homes with security systems will increase by 64% during this time. Increased crime awareness may be one factor in this increase, but there are many other factors. For example, fire alarm systems, which are part of many home security systems, help balance the benefit of installing a multi-family security system. Here are five other reasons why more Americans will install home security systems in the coming years. See more home security statistics here.

  • Technological progress makes systems more effective
  • Home security systems are more accessible
  • Families have new concerns
  • Families are busier
  • People take crime statistics to heart
  1. Technological progress makes systems more efficient
    Sensor technology increases the effectiveness of monitored home security systems. As technology evolves and prices fall, more and more people have access to this technology, which can help keep homes safe. Today’s sensors are more sophisticated, which reduces the likelihood that a pet will trigger the alarm system when the sensors are properly installed. Find out what’s next in home security technology.
  2. Home security systems are more accessible
    As technology progresses, it also becomes more affordable. A generation or two years ago home security systems were intended only for the wealthy. Currently, however, a wide range of systems are available for houses of various sizes and types.
  3. Families have new concerns
    Families with children are not the only ones who are increasingly turning to home security systems. Each type of household uses home security systems, including one-person households. Lonely people who travel often enjoy greater peace of mind when installing home security systems, just like retired people. And because more and more people consider the family dog ​​and cat to be full members of the household, they decide to maintain their home security systems, even when children grow up and move out.
  4. Families are busier
    Today’s families have large commitments outside school and work, and many parents bring children to classes almost every day of the week. Although the physical security of your home is just as important as ever, it’s easy to forget to close all doors and windows every time you leave your home uninhabited and all the time away from home is convenient for burglars. The home security system provides a layer of protection and comforts, even when busy parents don’t remember if they closed the kitchen window.
  5. People take crime statistics to heart
    According to a study by Temple University, homes without security systems are up to twice as vulnerable to burglary than homes with security systems. A sticker or sign from a respected home security provider is a signal to burglars that they must go somewhere else. Burglaries occur all the time, but that doesn’t mean that people should just accept burglaries as inevitable. More and more people are aware of the value of today’s home security systems as deterrents and are determined to help their homes stay as safe as possible.
    Monitored home security systems are not only for the rich but for anyone who takes the security of their home and family seriously. Technology has made systems more efficient and cheaper, and more and more middle-class households are investing in these systems and enjoying peace knowing that their home security is monitored around the clock.